Week Forty Nine

I have felt unbelievably cared for this week which made it really pleasant. I am so thankful for each and every person who has sent a message of encouragement or offered to help out in any way possible. This leg thing REALLY isn’t that bad and I’d go through it all again to be looked after the way I have been – so thank you!

Australia Day was this week and so to celebrate my housemates and I went out to unlimited Chinese Buffet on Tuesday. That was great. That is, until I realised buffet with one leg probably isn’t the smartest idea. Involved a fair amount of hopping and balancing but made the meal all the more rewarding. 9 Euros 90 for the whole days food – not bad! (Makes breakfast and dinner difficult when lunch is so indulgent).

We’ve cooked a lot together this week too – we had baked sweet potato and pumpkin in various ways for dinner one night followed by apple and berry crumble. That was great. We also watched The Danish Girl another night. Strange film, but we’re strange girls – kind of worked.

I went to the hospital a few days this week including having my operation at 7am on Friday. Selina caught the bus with me and stayed with me til I went in and then I woke up to Maddy being there at about 1. She took me home at about 4 and did her homework at our kitchen table. Seriously, I haven’t been left alone for a minute and it’s been so lovely. The operation went well, all to plan. Have some secondary problems involving the strength of my bones (ie not so strong at all apparently) but that’ll be discussed Monday when I pop back in.

Camille brought over tea one night and we sat and drank and chatted with Lulu.

Saturday morning Lulu, Selina and I went out for bagels at Cafesito where we ran into Camille and Pierre. Afterwards we hobbled around the markets, bought apples and flowers and then caught the bus home.

Thursday I had my final presentation for my video class which Martin picked me up and dropped me off for (thanks!). This semester I made a video for a local Austrian museum – an artist called Wolfgang Flatz who has his works displayed in Dornbirn. He makes crazy stuff often with blood and dead animals and so make a video in his style was interesting and unusual but a lot of fun. On Thursday we presented our videos to the rest of the grade. There were some really awesome pieces of work!

Sunday I was picked up by Claus and Verena and taken to church. Following that I went to their place for lunch of spare ribs! Very tasty!

Now I’m in bed trying to finish of my final project for my whole degree and waiting for my dad and sister to arrive 😀

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