Week Forty Six

Not so many photos from this week and not so many large events.

Dornbirn, with a noticeable absence of exchange students, is particularly slower. Wim and I were the last two standing this week and took the opportunity to go to Longhorn and cook a few dinners. We also had the opportunity to swing by Dornbirn Krankenhaus (great word meaning hospital) to get his staples taken out of his collarbone. That was particularly thrilling by this weeks standards.

Went on a few procrasti-walks despite some dreary weather. Ended up getting snowed on a couple of times by accident but no biggie. Also watched someone unicycle up and down Karren which was pretty impressive.

On Tuesday night, the Egeten girls (our sharehouse) were invited to our landlords for dinner. We were picked up at 6 and then taken to their house in Knie up the mountain. Oh my gosh is was phenomenal, only to be trumped by the multi course meal and abundance of drinks. (Doing wonders for the new years resolutions). We ate and chatted and then were shown her massive ceramic workshop on the bottom level of the glass house where she has an array of art hearts, heads and crockery. What a cool hobby that transpired into a full time job.

Friday I took Wim to the station in the morning where he headed home for the next month. That evening a couple of us spent the evening to celebrate Corina’s birthday which was really lovely. Can’t believe it was almost 11 months ago that we met for the first time in the bathroom of Anziehbar.

Saturday morning, I met up with Camille for the first time since she’s been back from France. We did the usual routine – buying apples from the market and then bagels at Cafesito. We then parted ways before I ran some errands and then came home to baked bread. Saturday evening Camille and I drove down to Bludenz do celebrate Chris’s birthday. Although relatively new friends it was greatly appreciated to receive an invite and an enjoyable night of free spirits (as in inner self, not vodka, whiskey etc although beer was complimentary) and jamming.

A quiet but good week.

Another highlight was showering with this out the window.

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