Week Thirty Seven

A very full and busy first week of university – both with school work and otherwise.

Monday was the first day of uni which was both exciting but also intimidating. There was a lot of not knowing; all the returning Austrian students and the language that my classes were taught in. It’s getting there though and the German is actually coming along okay. That night, Maddy and I cycled to Wolfurt for the European Outdoor Film Tour which is basically just a short film festival of adventure films (ie my dream job). It was amazing and resulted in multiple DVDs being bought. There was mountain biking, wild mustang riding, these sweet guys who used fans on the back of paragliders to get to the top of mountains and snowboard down, there were rockclimbers and hikers. Here’s the trailer.

It was very very very good.

Tuesday was uni again and then Hauskreis that night. Wednesday was uni again and then football that night. Thursday was uni again and then Oktemberfest that night. (Oktemberfest is the university’s somewhat belated take on Oktoberfest which they host at school. 2L of beer for 5 euros guarantees a good attendance.) Friday was a day off uni! I went to Martinimarkt in the morning with Maddy and had breakfast. It’s a market once a year in Dornbirn where the older generations were traditional clothes and each shop in Dornbirn has a stall. Lots of good food and delicacies. Afterwards we baked some crumble together and then Martin picked me up and we went to Lake Constance to fly the drone. Following that, the girls met up at Loeki’s where we had a 3 course fab meal and good conversation.

Saturday was the usual market run, lunch at Manga with Wim and Willem and then a visit to Flatz Museum in Dornbirn. Wolfgang Flatz is a local artist who tries to portray the ‘Dark Side of Life’. I’m making a video for him for a Uni project and so went by to see his work. It’s pretty creepy but also really cool. Lots of derelict vehicles etc. That night, swung past Loeki’s to meet her friend Mirthe, we cycled to Sebastianstrasse for a very chilled evening and then home.

Sunday the usual; church, breakfast at Baker Ruetz, chill, walk around Karren, do some homework, head up to Sebastianstrasse to book Budapest for NYE 😀

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