I’m not the biggest lover of the cold.

I don’t particularly like small towns.

In all honesty, I often question as to why I booked flights to go to Dornbirn in Austria for the first half of this year. It has a current temperature of -1 degrees and a population a 100th the size of Sydney at 48,388 (give or take a few). I haven’t even mentioned the lack of beach and Harbour Bridge and friends and family whom I dearly love. In these rare moments of doubt, I’m quick to run a Google image search where I’m met with photos like the one below and my excitement sparks again. I look forward to grounding myself here for five months, shopping in this marketplace and abiding to the unspoken law of German punctuality. No matter what the outcome, I’m sure it’ll be an experience, one that I hope to share with you all (big assumption that people aside from my parents are reading this). For sporadic insights into the life of a 20 year old Australian in Austria, feel free to revisit this page. 18 days and counting…


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